Job Opportunities

We are often looking for enthusiastic people to join the Yarrabin team! If you are a local boy or girl looking for a weekend/holiday job as a wrangler, please send us an email with your experience as a horse rider or give us a call. You have to be an experienced rider and be able to give basic riding instructions to our guests. We would love for you to come out on a ride with us and see if you would like to be part of the Yarrabin family!

Over the past years we have also welcomed many travellers who want to experience the real Aussie country lifestyle. It is a volunteer position where you help out in return for your board and keep. And what better way to do this than living and working on a farm, meeting many Australian families who visit! If you like horses, you are guaranteed to love it here. Depending on previous riding experience, guiding trail rides would be part of your job! If you don’t have any riding experience, we are happy to teach you, but your job will be more kitchen and farm work related. Learn how to drive a quad, muster sheep and cattle, organise games during kid’s camps, serve meals and gain many other skills! We provide you with your own cabin with bathroom (which you might have to share with another backpacker if you are short term), yummy food, a television room with more DVD’s than you’ll be able to watch, and most important of all: being part of our family. You are welcome to use the ute to go to nearby city Bathurst for a fun night out or a day of shopping.

Whether you want to stay for 2 weeks or 3 months: we will welcome anyone with the right work ethic and who likes to have a good time!

Contact Details

Name: Yarrabin
Address: 3253 Beaconsfield Road
O'Connell  NSW  2795
Phone No:+61 2 6337 5712
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