Our Horsemanship Clinics cater for a range of disciplines and riding levels. We bring in various instructors and professional horsemen and women so that all area are covered. Let us know if there is someone or something you would like to see us host!

Imagine a day in the saddle working with your horse, meals catered for you, laughter and stories shared around the tables with your instructors, and a warm bed to climb in to at the end of the day. We can work on developing some essential ‘cowgirl/cowboy’ skills, try your hand at barrel racing, move mobs of sheep and cattle, master that set of jumps, refine your flat work, work a beast, dominate an obstacle course, or a combination of multiple elements depending on the demand. We combine exercises in the round-yard (incorporating on-the-ground activities and exercises to improve your balance and posture in the saddle) and rides in our acres of scenic forests and open paddocks (where you will experience the freedom of horse riding). We cover intuitive horsemanship (becoming more in touch with your horse and yourself), barebacking, flat work, trail riding, some jumping and sports riding. All with the goal of achieving a more centred way of riding and using our body to control the horse.

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