Agistment Options

Private, small group and large group paddocks are available.

Private paddocks are 1.5 acres in size and can house up to 2 horses at a time, but must be owned by the same person. These paddocks then become the owner’s responsibility in terms of what they get fed, and the weekly removal of manure. As part of your weekly agistment cost we are also happy to give a morning feed that is provided by the owner. We encourage all private paddock owners to provide a round bale for the horses to have access to.

Small group paddocks are 3 acres in size and are split into mare and gelding groups. 2-4 horses will be in these paddocks at a time and all feed costs are split amongst the owners. A round bale will be in the paddock at all times and a morning feed can be given at the discretion of all owners, however all horses in the group paddock must be fed the same feed type and portions.

Large group paddocks are again split into mares and geldings. These are 8-10 acres in size and are at capacity with 4-8 horses (depending on grass availability). If there is sufficient grass then no additional feed is required, but at the discretion of the staff at Yarrabin, round bales will be supplied (at the cost of the horse owners) when grass is thinning out.