Agistment Prices



  • Overnight agistment = $10/night per horse. Yards must be left clean upon departure.
  • Private paddock agistment = $60/week (or $100/week for 2 horses owned by the same person). This includes daily feeding with feed purchased by owner. DOES NOT INCLUDE MUCKING OUT OF PADDOCK.
  • Small group paddock agistment = $50/week – no discount for multiple horses owned by the same person. Includes daily feeding with feed purchased by owner.
  • Large group paddock agistment = $50/week – again no discount for multiple horses and mares/geldings will be separated for safety reasons. No individual feeding available and daily hay will be charged at cost price if required.



  • Private Arena Hire = $200 per day (grass OR sand)
  • Daily rugging = extra $20/week for daily removal and replacement of 1 rug per horse in private and small group paddocks (or $5 for one-off situations). $35 for rugs on horses in the large group paddocks.
  • Worming paste + administration (with weight taken) = Cost of paste + $10 administration
  • Wound care = $5 per treatment of serious wound OR $2 per treatment of simply spray/inject etc.
  • Supplementary Feeding is not available in large group paddocks but one feed per day is included in the weekly cost of private and small group paddocks. Feed is supplied/paid for by owners but will be given by Yarrabin staff each morning.
  • Joining a guided ride = $20pp for horses agisted on Yarrabin at the time of the ride. $80 for visiting horses/riders.
  • Horse exercise and education by one of our staff = $40 per session for reasonably quiet and sound horses only (an additional cost will be required if horse requires further training). Each session averages for about 2hrs.
  • Farrier service using our on-site farrier = $150 for full set of shoes (+ $20 if you would like one of us to hold the horse), $60 for a full trim (+ $10 for us to hold).
  • Dentistry, Veterinary or Chiropractic services = POA + handling fee
  • Riding lessons are also available upon request


Please contact Jess on 0438 375 583 or  for a personalised quote and availability.