Adult's Only Weekends

Our “Adult Only” Weekends (or “Kid Free” if you prefer) are our most popular weekends and always book out well in advance! So, jump in quick for this fantastic all-inclusive fun weekend package. These weekends were designed for adults to be able to escape the rat race, and enjoy the peace and quiet that Yarrabin has to offer without the noise and distraction of the children. Round up some friends and book out a cabin or just come up and meet some like-minded adults. This package includes from dinner on Friday ( served around 7:30)to dusk on Sunday. All meals, shared accommodation, 3 horse rides and the use of all facilities are included. You get the opportunity to ride some of our well-trained horses (or bring your own if you’d like), relax on our wide veranda’s and breathe in that fresh country air; sip champagne in the hot spa; enjoy a good red wine next to the open fireplace; fill up on scrumptious country meals; and chill out with new friends and become part of the Yarrabin family. Whilst we have a great venue for groups of up to 34 people, we limit these weekends to just 12-14 adults, we find this keeps the atmosphere stress free and enjoyable AND means there are plenty of horses for everyone! There is also an option of staying for an extra night on Sunday and joining another ride on Monday morning, why not make the most of your time away at Yarrabin.

Upcoming dates:

  • 19th - 21st February 2021 (fully booked)

  • 12th - 14th March 2021 (fully booked)

  • 14th - 16th May 2021

  • 16th - 18th July 2021

  • 10th - 12th September 2021

  • RIDERS WEEKEND: 15th - 17th October 2021

  • 12th - 14th November 2021